Hollays Naturells is a one-stop online store meant to cater for our need to care for our beautiful Manes regardless of its curl pattern. It could be Curly, Coily or Kinky.

Our founder Olan Adeyemi is a Naturalista with two little Naturalistas struggled to find a product to care for her type 4c hair when she decided to go natural. After 4 years, 2 transitioning and two toddlers with different hair types, she was over the struggle and wanted to create a solution for other Naturalistas in Europe.

She believes being natural is more than just a hairstyle, It is a lifestyle that needs to be natured and encouraged especially in Europe. She is a second generation hair stylist who has worked with all types of hair types and has discovered that there is no one perfect formula for all hair types. 

Hair types, Porosity, Density and the humidity of the environment play a major part in determining what product is to be used. This is why she decided to make available as many trusted products as possible to naturalists all over Europe especially to those in countries where there is little or no availability of products through her online shop.

Our aim is to be a part of building the community of women in Europe who have learned, are learning or need to learn to fall in love with their Mane. We aim to help make the journey easier and enjoyable by making available all that is needed to during this journey of self-discovery.

Remember, You are your own kind of beautiful.